Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems allow distribution centers and manufactures to move products as large as a car to packages small enough to hold in your had from point A to point B. Industrial Kinetics has standard or semi-standard conveyors in both the pallet and package handling classes represent our general building blocks for conveyor hardware. However, different industries often have their own unique applications and requirements which we are able to meet.

Industrial Conveyor Systems

Industrial Conveyor SystemIn some cases these requirements are based on the material being conveyed. Product characteristics such as size, weight and conveying surface must drive the application. For example, handling a bag is very different from handling a box.

In other cases, the manufacturing process and throughput rate drives conveyor and system design. The conveyors used as part of an integrated manufacturing or packaging line must be, depending on the application, capable of positioning products for operator intervention, or present product in a predictable and repeatable fashion for processing by other automation such as robots, scanning, label application, packaging and wide variety of other processes. All of this must be done with a design production or throughput rate in mind.

In still other cases, the environment dictates hardware design and application. Factors such as temperature, cleanliness, wash-down requirements, and safety requirements all must be incorporated into the design and construction of the conveyors and the system.

Custom Conveyor Designs

Industrial Kinetics has a long and successful track record of problem solving in a variety of industries. We have the ability to both modify and customize standard design equipment and develop custom products for a given industry or application. We are able to carry this from conception through design, manufacturing and installation. We have found also that experience in one industry often leads to enhancement to product and systems offerings in others. We believe these skills, capabilities and experience set us apart in providing industry specific solutions.

The categories below are a sampling of the conveyor system solutions we’ve developed. A customer’s given requirement may require deviation of the approach shown in the examples. However, these examples show our ability to solve problems through effective application, design and manufacture of equipment, and controls for these industries.

Engineering Custom Conveyor Solutions

Our ability to develop and
engineer application specific
changes to our products is one of
many qualities that set us apart
from our competition.

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