Chain Conveyor Manufacturer

Chain Conveyor Manufacturer

Industrial Kinetics manufactures chain conveyors using a variety of frame and chain combinations in order to provide the appropriate conveyor for the application specific requirements including the budget. Our chain conveyors can be categorized by application or chain size.

Standard Duty / Pallet Handling Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyor Manufacturer

RC60 and RC80 chain conveyor is often used in typical pallet handling application. Our pallet handling chain conveyor is manufactured with formed 4 gauge frames punched on a CNC controlled punched ensuring roller centers and hole locations to +/- .002". The terminal sprockets use precision sealed ABEC-1 bearings with a 1" bore, the sprockets are snap ring retained on the bearing. Standard shaft mount end drives and shaft mount center drives are available.

Heavy Duty Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyor Manufacturer

When handling many heavy loads and/or in harsher environments IK manufactures chain conveyor using 81X, 81XH, or 81XHH chain on either a formed or tubular steel frame. The chain pitch is 2.609" and side plates range in thicknesses from .155" to .310". This chain and chain conveyor is used in the logging industry, gypsum board handling, concrete block industry, heavy equipment manufacturing assembly lines, and in heavy duty pallet handling.

In many steel processing and heavy duty transportation or assembly conveyors IK engineers and manufactures conveyor using a variety of chain including oversized roller chain. Some examples include CC5 chain, 89R chain, and S531 chain. These are often run on CRS wear strips welded to structural steel tube.

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