Conveyor Equipment

Conveyor Equipment

The conveyor equipment listed in this section refers to independent units that interface with standard conveyor sections. Also included under this cover is our Novak Mail Sortation conveyor.

Here, you will find our wide array of pallet dispenser/collectors, pallet stackers, slipsheet inserters, coding conveyors, shuttle conveyors, and other assorted pieces of equipment we’ve developed for specialty applications. Some of these designs originally were created as custom units for customers, which then were modified to fit into a standard product line. Industrial Kinetics continues to innovate with each new application customers present to us. No matter the weight capacity, size, or scope, Industrial Kinetics can deliver a solution with a product to match.

conveyor units

The Novak Sorter excels in envelope and thin package high-speed sorting. If you are looking to maximize efficiency in a mail-room or other high-volume envelope application, this scalable unit can revolutionize your system.

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