Conveyor System Experience

Conveyor System Experience

For our more than forty year history, the Industrial Kinetics tag line has been “Total Material Handling Systems.” This simple line serves as a powerful reminder of the value we bring to customers in our approach, our products, and our services.

It means that first and foremost we take the systems approach. We approach projects from a systems perspective; we are not in the business of providing merely an assortment of hardware and controls. We must not only understand a user’s requirements, but also solve their problems and meet their business challenges.

Second, this statement means we offer our customers all services they may require. During the planning phases, we can add value by serving as a defacto addition to the customer’s engineering function. It is our responsibility to offer solutions or alternates that improve the operation, improve safety, increase return on investment, and reduce operating costs. During the building phase, we continue to confirm, refine and improve the offerings to ensure the end result will meet or exceed expectations. And during the implementation phase, we are capable of supplying and managing all the services required- installation, commission, and operator training for the new system.

In addition to our approach to design, product and service, we manufacture the conveyor equipment. Industrial Kinetics builds a full line of package and unit handling conveyors and a wide variety of custom and semi-standard transfers, transfer cars and special devices. This makes us a flexible, responsive company that can rapidly adjust to changing requirements. This also means that Industrial Kinetics is not limited to the “standard” or “cookie-cutter” approach. The customer gets what is needed to solve the systems needs and built to the customer’s specifications and desires.

We believe our systems approach, commitment to service, and the ability to manufacture products to a customer’s unique requirements is what differentiates us from the rest of the material handling world. Manufacturers who provide only standard or pre-engineered hardware often overlook the crucial systems and applications facets necessary for a fully integrated material handling system. Those offering integration services without controlling the design and manufacture of the critical components are also often unable to deliver a fully integrated material handling system. Those working with Industrial Kinetics, though, will benefit from Total Material Handling Systems.

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