Pallet Dispensers & Collectors

Pallet Dispensers & Collectors

An essential unit for any warehousing system, our pallet dispenser/collector line can take on several tasks. The first ability of these units is to accept individual pallets and

build stacks vertically. This makes more efficient use of space, and can help create wider lanes for forklift traffic.

Pallet Dispensers

The next ability of our pallet dispenser/collectors is to singulate pallets from previously built stacks. These units can also accept stacks of GMA or CHEP pallets that are manually assembled, as the dispensers can work from any pallet orientation using our fork-style assembly.We also build custom stackers for different pallets or trays of varying sizes.

Several different designs have been used in the field based on pallet type,

Pallet Dispensers

requested rates, and space limitation. Please contact us with your specific need and we can supply you the right product for your facility.

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Pallet Dispenser

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