Industrial Conveyor Turntables

Industrial Conveyor Turntables

Powered Turntable Conveyors are used to change the direction of travel which may be used for sortation of product to multiple lanes. Industrial Kinetics manufactures turntables with multiple deck configurations and sizes. Common decks include chain driven live roller, belt driven live roller, gravity roller, chain conveyor, belt conveyor, and modular plastic belt conveyor. The decks are available with multiple roller or belt / chain centers. The drive for the rotation of the turntable can be a chain drive, friction wheel drive, air cylinder, or gear drive.

Powered Turntable Conveyors

Our innovation in design has resulted in a standard turntable with no collector ring requirement for the wiring to the onboard devices and the motor. In addition to rotating decks we manufacture pivot conveyors to make 90 degree changes in direction. This drive can be either with a motor and reducer, air cylinder driven, or hydraulically cylinder driven.

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