Automotive Conveyor Systems Manufacturer

Automotive Conveyor Systems Manufacturer

Industrial Kinetics has developed a technologically advanced line of vehicle assembly systems and automotive conveyors that offer precision control over production processes. Our vehicle assembly line conveyor systems help manufacturers reduce costs while maintaining quality assurance.

Automotive Assembly Conveyors

Assembly Line Conveyor Systems

Industrial Kinetics' line of advanced vehicle assembly solutions for automotive manufacturers includes:

  • Single- or dual-lane in-floor slat conveyors: In-floor slat conveyors are effective in moving items such as large engines, cars, trucks, and buses through the assembly process. Assemblers’ access to the vehicle is very uninhibited, allowing for efficient assembly.
  • Vehicle transfer cars: These automated, programmable rail guided vehicles reduce costs and improve safety. Cars can include conveyorized decks for interface to adjacent systems.
  • Container handling and accumulation technologies: We offer a full range of handling and accumulation systems, including part presentation products that lead to improved quality control on both robot- and human-operated production lines.
  • Engine assembly and test conveyors: Customize system features and specifications to meet your internal production needs. Considerations include location for interface to a dyno, as well as engine accumulation into and out of the test cell.
  • Towline conveyors: Transport work in process through assembly stations on carts with a towline conveyor. Similar to the slat conveyor operator, access is quite free. This helps with ergonomics, efficiency, and ability to cross the assembly line.
  • Automatic guided carts (AGCs): Like vehicle transport carts or towline, these part and sub-assembly conveyance technologies help automate production processes, allowing you control costs and conserve human resources. The AGC does not require the extensive concrete work required with a slat conveyor or towline conveyor. These systems allow for good operator access, ability to cross the line, and reconfiguration.
  • Overhead conveyors: These reliable, proven technologies include monorail, power and free, and electrified monorail systems (EMSs), helping manufacturers bridge logistical gaps as vehicles move though assembly phases.
  • Roller Conveyors & Chain Conveyors: Roller and chain conveyor technologies are ideal for skid handling and transporting vehicles, components, and sub-assemblies through the assembly process. Lift and tilt devices or manipulators can be incorporated to assist the operator and provide a ergonomic solution.

Automotive Conveyor Services

IKI also provides state-of-the-art seat assembly, sequencing, and truck loading conveyors, as well as loading, unloading, and delivery technologies that reduce labor and boost operational efficiency. IKI's truck loading conveyor systems are equip to handle trailer and telescopic loading applications. Clients can also order inspection, accumulation, and transportation systems for specially treated and painted vehicle trim pieces, including side mirrors, bumpers, panels, and hubcaps.

In addition to these control and assembly systems, IKI also offers a wide range of reporting technologies that help manufacturers monitor and supervise production processes. Andon displays and tracking of OEE are another important element we provide for assembly systems. To learn more about our industry-leading vehicle assembly systems, or to request a no-obligation quote, please contact an Industrial Kinetics customer service representative by phone or online.

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