Automated Pallet Stackers & Inserters

Automated Pallet Stackers & Inserters

Pallet inserters can be used when a wrapped (or unitized) pallet-load is built on a conveyor section, and needs to be placed on a pallet for shipping or storage purposes. Our in-line pallet inserter will pick up the wrapped load, and place the load onto an empty pallet. The load can be picked up either from the bottom or sides, based on product type and how the load has been unitized. Slip sheets can also be used for conveying product, and we can also automate the insertion of these on your line as well.

Conveyor Pallet Inserters

A double stacker can take a unitized load and place it on top of an existing palletized load. This is done to conserve space, and can be done in the production line by our pallet double stacker.

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