Heavy Duty Conveyors

Heavy Duty Conveyors

Heavy Duty Conveyors

Industrial Kinetics provides heavy duty conveyors to many of the world-leading heavy equipment and large, industrial equipment and infrastructure manufacturers. Working with our customers we develop heavy duty conveyor equipment and system solutions that take into consideration the following key items:

  • Design rate / Takt Time
  • Buffer , surge accommodations
  • Material delivery to the line
  • Operation stations / interface
  • Torque Tool Conveyor Control Interface
  • Physical layout and building constraints
  • Cost / Value
  • Conveyor Equipment Design / Conveyability
  • Conveyor Equipment service factor

Heavy Assembly

Often, we are designing specialized equipment around a specific unit in your product or assembly line. Sometimes, it takes a custom piece of machinery to accomplish your heavy assembly or delivery task. At Industrial Kinetics, we are able to take your product and create a unique and intuitive conveyor design that will help you keep costs down, make more aggressive rates, and keep safety a priority.

8K LB Roller Conveyor & Chain Transfer Efficiency Gain

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