Shuttle Conveyor Systems

Shuttle Conveyor Systems

The Industrial Kinetics Shuttle Conveyor is a unit designed for full-pallet applications. Common uses are for shipping lane accumulation or for a manual pallet-loading operation, but can also be used as a short transfer section in lieu of a 3-strand chain transfer conveyor.

Two opposing cylinders provide three positions for the shuttle, where the carrier framework can deliver pallets for storage, or transportation in transfers at either end. This is a simpler, more cost-effective method for storing pallets, and for easy conveyance perpendicular to roller conveyor if we only need three total zones of accumulation.

The carrier itself is also air mounted vertically. It arrives at a pallet zone below the flush height of the pallet base, and lifts up the pallet approximately 1" off the support structure. The vertical motion is mechanically guided, so there is no extra movement of the carrier framework when transfer to the next zone is in action. The pallet then arrives in the next position, where the vertical air mounts release, gently placing the loaded pallet down on the adjacent support framework.

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