Roller Conveyor Systems

Roller Conveyor Systems

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors are used in a broad range of industries to facilitate the easy transport and handling of materials and packaged goods. At Industrial Kinetics, we offer an extensive range of heavy-duty roller conveyors, including case conveying equipment like belt-driven, padded chain and gravity rollers, as well as pallet and large unit handling systems.

Live Roller Conveyors

The IKI family of case, tote, and pallet conveyor equipment includes:

  • Belt-driven conveyors: Our belt-driven conveyor systems are designed for the high-speed handling of packaged products. They are ideal for box and tote conveyance applications at speeds of 60 to 320 feet per minute, with capabilities of up to 100 pounds per foot.
  • Line shaft conveyors: These versatile systems are designed for both horizontal package transportation and accumulation applications. With powered curve section capabilities, they can also be configured to accommodate efficiency accessories like bi-directional transfers, parallel driven sections, and diversions.
  • Motor driven roller (MDR) conveyors: Package handling motor-driven roller conveyors use advanced motorized roller technologies to create carefully controlled drive zones that support process automation functions. Sortation, accumulation, and transportation can all be achieved with the MDR family of conveyors.
  • Padded chain driven live roller conveyors: IK padded chain driven live roller conveyor uses an RC60 power transmission chain with riveted drive pads to provide a friction drive to the rollers. Often times this is used in conjunction with a drive application and brake module, providing a zero pressure photoeye zone controlled conveyor.
  • Chain driven live roller conveyors: IKI chain driven live roller conveyor can be broken into two general categories, pallet handling conveyor or as heavy duty unit load handling conveyor.
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