Robotic & Infeed Conveyor Systems

Robotic & Infeed Conveyor Systems

We work with users and robotic integrators as a partner in our robotic interface conveyor projects. We ask many questions and want to provide our customer more than just hardware. We want to bring our experience in material handling to the systems design phase of the project. This involvement is to aid in the design incorporating the best material handling practices and in the system design and to manage equipment investment cost.

Robotic Interface Solutions

Robotic Interface Conveyors Robotic Interface Conveyors

Robotic Infeed Applications

IK has developed and provided many products for many robotic conveyor systems applications. This includes the following industries or applications:

  • Pharmaceutical
    • Robotic tray loading and unloading interface conveyors - stackers and destackers
  • Palletizing
    • Layer forming
    • Bag infeed conveyors
    • Case turning conveyors
    • Presentation and accumulation conveyors
  • Process machinery
    • Part positioning for robotic pick (machining centers)
  • Automotive
    • Part presentation for robotic welding
    • Part presentation for robotic assembly
  • Agricultural
    • Bag palletizing conveyor
  • Food Industry
    • Pick and place receiving conveyors
    • Transportation, accumulation, and layer forming conveyor for robotic palletizing

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