Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation conveyors provide a steady supply of parts or products to an assembly or production line, to control the flow of parts, or to stop the flow if the production line is halted or overwhelmed. Used for a wide range of applications ranging from automotive assembly to bag filling, our accumulating conveyors can be integrated into assembly and production lines.

Our high quality, reliable line of accumulation conveyors includes:

  • Gravity roller conveyors: Used for simple accumulation systems, our gravity roller conveyors offer an economical solution for a range of applications in food processing, shipping and receiving, warehousing and distribution management, and manual product assembly.
  • Assembly and test conveyors: IKI’s custom assembly and test conveyors allow you to manage product and material flow efficiently as your products move through production and testing.
  • Container handling and accumulation technologies: Efficient management of your product flow will ensure that your production line runs smoothly. Our handling and accumulation systems and state-of-the-art technologies assist you manage the flow of materials, prevent downtime, and optimize production. Our product line includes part presentation, multi-line transfer, and overhead transfer products for automated and manual processes.
  • Pallet Dispensers & Collectors: Manage loading and unloading of products using our pallet dispensers. Pallet dispensers present single pallets for loading and pallet collectors stack pallets after unloading. We offer a range of pallet handling products to meet different system requirements.

Our accumulating conveyors can be integrated into existing material handling systems or engineered as part of a new installation. They are used in the agricultural, automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, steel mill, warehousing, and manufacturing industries.

Commitment to service, industry expertise, high quality products, and engineered system solutions that meet your unique requirements are what differentiates Industrial Kinetics. Our accumulating conveyor solutions provide comprehensive, effective solutions to your material handling challenges.

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