Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems

Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems

IKI specializes in pallet conveyor system equipment that is designed for high-volume and heavy-duty performance. We offer a wide range of rollers, drives, and frame construction. Commonly in pallet handling systems the capacity is 3,000 pounds. Typical pallet systems are design for conveyance of the following:

Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems
  • GMA Pallets
  • CHEP Pallets
  • PECO Pallets
  • Euro Pallets
  • Returnable containers
  • Custom fixtures, racks, or assemblies

Pallet Handling Conveyors

  • Chain-driven live roller conveyors: The IKI line of chain-driven live roller conveyors is capable of handling loads of up to 50,000 pounds. Common applications include palletizing, metal processing, heavy engine assembly and test, vehicle assembly, and large-volume distribution applications. Our chain driven live roller conveyor is built with precision components, resulting in a longer service life as compared to our competitors.
  • Motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyors: Pallet load handling, and other heavy-duty applications, our motor-driven roller conveyors use advanced motorized roller technologies to create carefully controlled drive zones that support process automation functions.
  • Gravity roller conveyors: These affordable, non-motorized options are an ideal solution for controlling costs and providing simple accumulation systems. Versatile and lightweight with an extended service life, our gravity roller conveyors are used for a broad range of applications. These include warehousing and distribution management, materials handling, food processing, shipping and receiving, and manual product assembly. We commonly use gravity roller conveyor as a pickup point in automatic pallet handling systems to minimize the potential effects of damage from fork tuck interaction with the conveyor.
  • Chain Conveyors: Chain conveyors can be a great solution for handling GMA type pallets with the 40" dimension leading, handling custom steel fixtures, or skids. Chain conveyor is commonly used when pallet bottom boards are perpendicular to the flow, creating a segmented running surface. IK chain conveyor for typical pallet conveyor systems are designed with configurable features such as drives, chains, chain running surfaces. Standard accessories such as guides, stops, and justifiers are available to provide a complete solution.
  • Turntables: Turntables are often used in pallet handling systems to merge or divert pallet loads between destinations or sources. The turntable will reorient the load based on rotation degree, but will maintain the orientation in relationship to the conveying media. This is beneficial in applications where maintaining the orientation is required or beneficial functionally or financially.
  • Pallet Dispensers & Collectors: Pallet dispensers are used in applications where a single pallet needs to be presented, separated from a stack. A pallet collector preforms the opposite function, handling a single pallet and placing it in a stack Industrial Kinetics offers multiple styles of pallet dispenser which is influenced by the pallet type, available space, accumulation requirements, and system configuration.
  • Pallet Inserters & Double Stackers: The purpose of a pallet inserter or double stacker is to lift a load and insert a pallet or other load under the first load. This equipment is commonly used to double stack palletized loads for pickup by AGV or forklift. This can help reduce forklift or AGV time / cost by transporting two unit loads at a time and by having the loads stack automatically prior to forktruck or AGV arrival. Pallet inserters are often used in packaging lines that were not design to include pallet handling. Often at the end of these lines the unitized loads are handled at the end of line by clamp truck, which may damage the load. Inserting a pallet can eliminate the damage to product as a result of clamp truck load handling.
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors: Vertical lifts are applied in pallet handling systems where loads are transported between floors or levels of a system. Speed, rate , load rate, and size are considerations in configuring the equipment for the application.
  • Roller and Chain Transfers: Pop up chain or pop up roller transfers are incorporated into pallet handling systems to merge, sort, or change the direction of travel. IK offers a variety of lift options for the vertical travel as well as a variety of conveyor types. Lift options include cylinder lifts, airmount lifts, linkage lifts, and gearmotor cam lifts.
  • Transfer Cars: Transfer cars are often used in pallet handling systems to distribute or collect materials in parallel processes, or between processes. Some common examples of this is merging multiple palletizing lines to a common stretchwrapper cell. Another example would be using a transfer car in an assembly operation that includes few operations longer than the line TAKT time. The transfer car allows material to be conveyed into two or more parallel processes with minimal equipment to allow the TAKT time to remain at overall line rate. This is common in assembly operations where testing can take longer than the TAKT time for assembly alone.
  • Turning Cross Conveyors: Industrial Kinetics turning cross is commonly used in labeling, strapping, wrapping, packaging, & assembly operations to reorient a load on a conveyor system.
  • Shuttle Conveyors: Industrial Kinetics shuttles are used to remove or sort unit loads from a mainline to a workstation, input, and/or multiple transport lines. This equipment is commonly applied in test operations & ASRS or stretchwrapper line input operations. The benefit to this equipment over a chain transfer is the ability to move the loads to three locations, & the ability to handle loads handling characteristics that are difficult for chain transfers.

IKI’s knowledgeable team members are always happy to recommend solutions when you need assistance selecting the right roller conveyor system. To learn more about our roller conveyors and large unit handling equipment, or to obtain a fast and accurate pricing, please contact an Industrial Kinetics customer service representative today.

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