Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are used for applications that require a high volume of materials or parts to be stored and removed from storage accurately, quickly, and often times delivered in a specific sequence. This solutions provides high density automated storage. Using sophisticated software, the AS/RS system directs and manages the equipment handling the material and maintaining inventory specific products.

Industrial Kinetics manufactures high quality, reliable AS/RS interface equipment, conveyor and integrates systems that accurately pick and deliver materials, to keep your production line or distribution facility running smoothly.

Pallet Handling AS/RS Systems likely include the following:

  • Data Analysis: Evaluating the project inbound rates, outbound rates, intermediate moves, and projected growth for the application.
  • Simulation: More complex systems are simulated mathematically and graphically to evaluate equipment utilization, flow, and to evaluate control and/or order release methodology.
  • Pallet Conveyor: This includes a large variety of conveyor types and accessories such as chain conveyor, chain transfers, roller conveyors, transfer cars, shuttles, AGV’s, electrified monorail.
  • Specialty AS/RS System Devices:
    • Profile checks for confirmation of load size and weight
    • Scanners to verify loads and decision points in the system
    • Specialty conveyor sections designed to present the load to the stacker crane.
    • Commonly including a lift or pockets for stacker crane telescopic fork interface
  • Stacker Crane: This equipment is utilized to automatically retrieve pallets and place them in rack storage locations. There are many system configurations available including single deep storage, double deep storage, deep lane mole storage, and aisle changing canes.
  • Machine Control System: PLC Based equipment control for equipment movement and product detection.
  • Warehouse Control Systems (WCS): Warehouse control systems are used to manage inventory, routings, order release, and create instruction for automated equipment and/or operator terminals. This is typically a control system that operates with interface to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) or a manufacturing execution system (MES)

Our conveyor systems are a critical parts of an integrated systems to provide a seamless production work in process storage sequencing and delivery system or warehousing storage and retrieval process.

In a production environment, materials and parts will be delivered to the production line when needed and in the sequence required. Finished products can be removed from the production line and automatically stored prior to shipment.

In a warehouse the AS/AR systems can retrieve and deliver the products for shipment per a master schedule or as called for or pick full pallet loads to replenish case or layer pick operations.

Commitment to service, industry expertise, high quality products, and engineered system solutions that meet your unique requirements are what differentiates Industrial Kinetics. Call to see how our AS/AR solutions can solve your material handling challenges.

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