Gravity Conveyor Systems

Gravity Conveyor Systems

Gravity Roller Conveyors

IKI gravity roller conveyors are available in a variety of styles and capacities. Gravity roller conveyor accessories such as escapements and end-stop are also available. Our frames are punched on a CNC controlled punched ensuring roller centers and hole locations to +/- .002".

Gravity conveyors are non-motorized units and typically rely on the bed resting at an angle to slowly bring product to a fixed stop for accumulation. This is the less expensive option over powered conveyors, and can be useful in distribution centers, warehousing, material handling, food processing, shipping, manual assembly receiving, and production. Product lifespan and ease of maintenance are two common reasons for choosing this product if the application suits it.

Another product line in our gravity conveyor department is our pallet flow rail. This is comprised of two or three lanes of skate wheels, and often used in pallet rack for the convenient and cost-effective storage of GMA or Chep pallets. This is light-weight, versatile, and can be easily maintained and reused in a number of places within your facility that have pallet handling needs.

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