Bag Handling & Palletizing Conveyors

Bag Handling & Palletizing Conveyors

Industrial Kinetics has developed a large product line for bag handling. Much of this, was provided to ingredients, rice, fertilizer, and seed / feed providers in the filling and palletizing area.

Bag Handling conveyor Systems

Our Manufactured Bag Handling Systems:

  • ā€œVā€ Trough conveyors
  • Belt on slider bed
  • Bag Kicker Conveyors
  • Bag Turning Conveyor (Optional Lift)
  • Drum bag height limiter (drum bag flattener)
  • Opposing belt bag flatteners for palletizing or steep inclines
  • Bag infeed conveyors
  • Bag conditioning (shaping) conveyors for palletizing
  • Fiberglass spiral chutes, for quick decline of bags from high level transportation conveyor to palletizing
  • Square roller bag flattening (distributing) conveyors

Bag Handling conveyors

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