Assembly Line Conveyors

Assembly Line Conveyors

Assembly line conveyors provide production efficiencies by moving products and inventory smoothly through the production line. An engineered, integrated material handling system feeds parts to the assembly line as needed, controls the flow of products during production, and efficiently loads and unloads products before, during, and after assembly.

Industrial Kinetics (IKI) manufactures high performance, integrated assembly conveyor systems for a range of industrial applications. We have the flexibility to design a custom system to provide precision control over your assembly processes. Whether you need a new assembly conveyor installation or an upgrade to existing equipment and technology, we have the capabilities to provide an effective solution. We specialize in engineering material handling systems to solve your unique challenges – we do not provide just equipment, hardware, and control, but design an integrated system to meet your requirements.

We manufacture our assembly line conveyors using the highest quality equipment and state-of-the-art technologies and controls. Our line of assembly line conveyors includes:

  • Chain-driven live roller conveyors: Used for heavy-duty assembly processes, our chain-driven live roller conveyors can handle loads up to 50,000 lbs. They are used for metal processing, heavy engine and vehicle assembly. Precision components ensure high performance and long service life.
  • Gravity roller conveyors: Used for manual and light volume assembly applications, our affordable, non-motorized options are a versatile solution for assembly and palletizing.
  • Roller Conveyors & Chain Conveyors: Manage material and product flow using our roller and chain conveyors. They provide efficient material merging, sorting, and direction changes. We offer a range of lift options for the vertical travel, including cylinder lifts, air mount lifts, linkage lifts, and gear motor cam lifts.
  • Overhead conveyors: IKI’s overhead conveyor options include monorail, power and free, and electrified monorail systems (EMSs) to transport products from one assembly center to another.
  • Turning Cross Conveyors: Use our turning cross conveyors to transport your parts to the final phase of assembly and packaging. IKI turning cross conveyors reorient loads on the conveyor system to present them for efficient labeling, strapping, wrapping, and packaging.
  • Shuttle Conveyors: Efficiently manage multiple transport lines in your production process using shuttle conveyors.
  • Single- or dual-lane in-floor slat conveyors: In-floor slat conveyors provide easy access to the undercarriage of a vehicle or piece of machinery, allowing your team to efficiently complete assembly.
  • Container handling and accumulation technologies: Our state-of-the-art technological solutions offer innovative management solutions to managing inventory and production line flows for both robot- and human-operated production lines.

Commitment to service, industry expertise, high quality products, and engineered system solutions that meet your unique requirements are what differentiates Industrial Kinetics. Our assembly line conveyor solutions provide comprehensive, effective solutions to your material handling challenges.

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