Industries Served

Industries Served

At Industrial Kinetics, our experienced team provides versatile and flexible solutions that have a broad range of applications across industries. We specialize in providing efficient and affordable large assembly manufacturing systems, with a particular focus on:

  • Food packaging and transportation:

    Our end-of-line solutions for the food packaging industry include conveyance systems designed to bridge the packaging and palletizing processes, as well as transporting case packages for storage and distribution. We also provide coding conveyors to help companies streamline the documentation and quality control processes. This often includes Andon displays and tracking of OEE. Additionally, track and trace solutions, including the labeling and reporting, are available.
  • Commercial distribution:

    We have a long and proven success record with the design and implementation of distribution systems. This typically includes case and pallet handling equipment, providing anywhere from a fully automated solution or most often a combination of manual and automated equipment.
  • Industrial/heavy manufacturing:

    Our extensive expertise with heavy-duty conveyor systems extends to the heavy manufacturing sector. The engineering team at IKI is exceptionally skilled at meeting the unique needs of businesses involved in the manufacturing, sequencing, and transport of heavy goods.
  • Automotive applications:

    We've developed a comprehensive range of proven solutions for the automotive industry, including an advanced line of conveyors that support vehicle assembly processes as well as automated assistive technologies.
  • Pharmaceutical applications:

    Our engineered conveyor solutions for the pharmaceutical industry improve efficiency, reduce costs and downtime, and conform to regulatory standards.
  • Steel mills:

    We provide handling plates for annealing and pickling lines, along with many other conveyor solutions for the metal manufacturing and milling industries. We are also equipped to meet the production and product management needs of primary metals and steel distribution centers. Our exhaustive experience includes robotic interface integration systems to help our partner companies and clients maximize the benefits of process automation and computer-controlled technologies.

To learn more about our family of advanced production and distribution support equipment, please contact an Industrial Kinetics customer service representative by phone or online today.

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